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‘Front of Package’ Nutrition Labels Improved Nutrition Quality

A new study analyzing 16 years of data on tens of thousands of products finds that the adoption of nutrition data on ‘front of package’ labels is associated with improved nutritional …

Strong Markets for Cultured Meat Across Meat-Reducing Germany and France

New research shows substantial markets for cultured meat and movements towards meat reduced diets across Germany and …

Connecting the Dots on Food Access

A new study simultaneously examined the preferences of community members and compared those with

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The restaurant chefs transforming school meals | Education

It’s the first Monday of the new term at Woodmansterne School in Lambeth, south London, after a difficult summer. Head chefs Jake Taylor and Sam Riches and their team are preparing lunch for the primary kids. “Monday’s not our most ambitious day,” says Taylor, putting the finishing touches to trays of bright looking pasta and salads.

Today it’s macaroni cheese, with pasta alla norma and gnocchi pomodoro, and homemade coleslaw and roast beetroot on the side. The vegetables are from top supplier Entremettier, the olives from Belazu. “We made focaccia from scratch,” Taylor says. “It’s the Sportsman’s recipe,

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Is your kitchen clean enough?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Every year, 5,000 Europeans die from diseases contracted from food. Researchers visited people’s homes and discovered both good and bad kitchen habits in different European countries.

Most of us know that we have to be careful about hygiene when preparing raw chicken. We should wash the utensils and our hands after handling chicken, and we should wash or use a different chopping board before chopping the vegetables for the salad.

There is a lot happening at the same time in the kitchen, and it is not always easy to remember to follow good hygiene advice.

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Best Food Podcasts 2020 – Chowhound

best food podcast to listen to now

Looking for the best food podcast to listen to right now? These are some of our favorites.

Thanks to the development of some very good culinary podcasts, today’s food-obsessed are asking each other, “What are you listening to?” as much as they are “What shows are you watching?” and “What books are you cooking from?”

Now, we may currently be on a temporary hiatus from commuting to work, or working out at the gym, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up listening to podcasts. (I mean, there’s only so much TV you can watch

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A closer look at kitchen design trends for 2020

Here’s what several top designers in the D.C. region and two national experts had to say about the latest kitchen design trends.


All-white kitchens had their moment — until homeowners realized what it took to keep them clean. White remains popular, but color is coming back to cabinetry.

“White kitchen cabinets are still the most popular with over 40 percent of renovating homeowners installing them, according to Houzz research,”

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