A Chef’s Kitchen

Small or big – the size of the kitchen does not matter as long as it can be zoned for various functionality. The kitchen should have a designated space for chopping and prep work, space for your cooked dishes, enough room to entertain visitors and of course for cleaning the dishes. Fancy high-end appliances are nice to have, but appliances that gets the job done are a must.

Chef should be able to reach out to his or her favorite tools. They could be either hidden within the kitchen drawers or beautifully displayed on the counter-top in an utensil holder. Remember, having the right tools at the right time is critical while cooking. A place for everything, and everything in its place — that’s the motto of the Chef’s Kitchen.

Pots, pans, prep dishes, cutting boards, knives, spatulas, utensils, pot holders and serving dishes should all be accessible and apt for cooking. A chef would also like a pantry that zoned. It should be filled with labeled spices, transparent food storage containers, baskets filled with onions and potatoes and fresh herbs. Refrigerator should be large enough and within a few feet from the stove-top.

Ample light from a combination of pendants, recess lights and task lights are critical to brighten up the space. Pick wall colors that warms up the place and hopefully the kitchen will have windows to bring the sunshine in. Try to accommodate at least a few seating around the kitchen for the visitors to comfortably hang out with the chef. I bet any chef would like to do a few demos. A cushioned rug under the stove-top to alleviate the strain while cooking is something a chef will appreciate after cooking.

In recent years, kitchen designs are open and they flow into the family room unlike the satellite kitchens in older homes where it would be segregated from the rest of the house. First kitchen upgrade in such homes would be to open up a wall so that the chef can interact with the rest of the family while cooking.

Finally, don’t forget a few finishing touches — set of hooks few feet away from the stove-top to hang aprons, dish towels and pot holders; An open shelf for the chef’s cookbook collection, not too close to the stove so that they don’t get exposed to grease; Charming art work; and a beautiful vase to arrange fresh flowers from the garden!