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The restaurant chefs transforming school meals | Education

It’s the first Monday of the new term at Woodmansterne School in Lambeth, south London, after a difficult summer. Head chefs Jake Taylor and Sam Riches and their team are preparing lunch for the primary kids. “Monday’s not our most ambitious day,” says Taylor, putting the finishing touches to trays of bright looking pasta and salads.

Today it’s macaroni cheese, with pasta alla norma and gnocchi pomodoro, and homemade coleslaw and roast beetroot on the side. The vegetables are from top supplier Entremettier, the olives from Belazu. “We made focaccia from scratch,” Taylor says. “It’s the Sportsman’s recipe,

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A closer look at kitchen design trends for 2020

Here’s what several top designers in the D.C. region and two national experts had to say about the latest kitchen design trends.


All-white kitchens had their moment — until homeowners realized what it took to keep them clean. White remains popular, but color is coming back to cabinetry.

“White kitchen cabinets are still the most popular with over 40 percent of renovating homeowners installing them, according to Houzz research,”

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Tragedy strikes dining community again with loss of chef Michael Paske

Last year, he helped his old partners at Cafe 7, Jimmy Mays, Chris Kana, and Stephanie Miller, open The Hamilton Supperette and Lounge in Northpark Mall. Most recently, he’d joined the brigade at chef Olivier Bouzzerand’s Fait Maison in Edmond.

Chef Michael Paske passed away at the age of 40 on Thursday. [Dave Cathey/The Oklahoman]
Chef Michael Paske passed away at the age of 40 on Thursday. [Dave Cathey/The Oklahoman]

Paske was a beloved member of the local diningscape, always first to volunteer. One of the great joys I’ve had from my perch just high enough to observe the inner workings of the industry has been watching Paske evolve from a nervous kid slinging spaghetti

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Notable Chefs Are Helping People Stuck At Home Prepare Meals

During tough times we’re told to “take lemons and make lemonade.” Lauren Reynolds wants us to apply that concept by using whatever is in our kitchen cabinets to make a great meal, and help laid off restaurant workers in the process. That idea is behind her new service, “Chef My Kitchen.”

“You could video chat with a chef because you’re burned through your recipe repertoire or you have a bunch of random ingredients, but don’t know how to make something,” said Reynolds, Founder of Chef My Kitchen.

Reynolds works in customer service but has many friends the restaurant industry, she

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Best chef’s knives for 2020: Wusthof, Mercer, Global and more

I use my chef’s knives for all kinds of prep: from chopping Napa cabbage to make home-made kimchi to chiffonading sage for a pizza. But even with so much use, $150 can feel like a high price for a good knife — let alone for one you might end up disliking. So before hitting “buy” on Amazon or tossing the cheapest knife in the cart on your next outing, it’s important to ask yourself two questions: What does a chef’s knife offer, and what do you need it for in the kitchen?

High-quality chef’s knives offer versatility above all. Unless

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