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Best knife sharpeners for 2020: AnySharp, Chef’s Choice and more

When it comes to handy kitchen tools, nothing tops a sharp chef’s knife. Whether you’re dicing, chopping, mincing or chiffonading, knife work is essential to most home-cooked meals. Yet too many of us put up with dull knives. And a dull chef’s knife — as you’ll be well aware if you’ve ever cut your finger when the blade slides off a tomato — can be more dangerous than a knife with a razor-sharp edge. As such, knife sharpening should be a key part of any serious home chef’s routine.

Strangely enough, knife sharpeners are far less common in the

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The best chef’s knives of 2020: Mercer, Wusthof and more

A good chef’s knife is an investment, but there’s a reason that chefs tote their knives around with them. The best chef’s knife is one that feels irreplaceable, even as kitchens and appliances may vary. After college, I invested in a chef’s knife, and I have used it almost every day since then; at this point, it feels like an extension of my own arm when I’m preparing food.

But a chef’s knife is an investment. And $150 can feel like a lot for a good knife — let alone for one you might end up disliking. So before swiping

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Not Your Gram’s Tuna Casserole

ORLANDO, Fla. — Since we’re all spending more time at home these days to help curb the spread of COVID-19, we might be wanting to use up what’s in our pantry.

“There’s no need to panic,” said Se7en Bites Bakery Chef & Owner Trina Gregory-Propst. “We’ve got this … The reality is a lot of people have more in their pantries than they think they do already.”

On the menu is something your kids can totally handle: “Not Your Gram’s Tuna Casserole.”

“We’re going to go back to some of the things that your mother was raised on and

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Mac ‘n Cheese at City Works Disney Springs

ORLANDO, Fla. — Mac ‘N Cheese: Just the sound of it induces whiplash. Oh, but wait. There’s more.

“It’s cheddar cheese, it’s bacon, it’s chicken, it’s pasta, cream. You can’t go wrong,” said Chef Cory Hoekstra of City Works Eatery & Pour House at Disney Springs, smiling.

Chef prefers a particular type of pasta.

“The Cavatappi pasta I find it best for any sort of cream-based sauce,” he said.

Let’s cook!

Smoked Cheddar Mac ‘N Cheese by City Works at Disney Springs


  • Chicken breast- 6 oz.
  • Bacon strips – 2 each
  • Heavy cream – 8 oz.
  • Smoked cheddar cheese,
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‘Hell’s Kitchen: All Stars’ chef Barbie Marshall drinking game

Barbra “Barbie” Marshall, a memorable “Hell’s Kitchen” chef-testant who appeared in both Seasons 10 and 17, is turning to alcohol to help her cope with the “All Stars” reruns on Fox. “Me wondering if I should play a drinking game and watch,” she tweeted along with a meme of her rubbing her temples. She later added, “Next week I’m drinking and going live.” Will you be joining Barbie in playing “Hell’s Kitchen” drinking games every Tuesday? How about taking a shot every time Gordon Ramsay shouts a curse word?

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