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Country diary: ‘Eat me,’ says the rose. ‘No, eat me,’ says the hawthorn | Food

There is a battle of the reds going on at either end of the cattle gate. To the left, a rose bush, leaning on an elder. Its ordinarily slim hips are an eye-popping scarlet and unusually plump. To the right, a hawthorn, its darker berries swollen from the standard petits pois size to that of garden peas.

This year, nature weathered a wet winter, a spring of perpetual sunshine and sustaining showers through summer to produce a supersized harvest. Other than elder, I do not think any fruiting tree or bush has had a better year here. Our shrunken

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Pengguna Tiktok tentu sangat mengenal istilah FYP alias For You Page. FYP berisi Vidio-Vidio yang populer di TiktokBagi yang belum tahu, FYP merupakan halaman rekomendasi untuk pengguna.

Cara FPY Ditiktok dalamnya memuat beragam video populer dari pengguna lain.Video-vidio yang bisa masuk ke FYP bukanlah vidio sembarangan, melainkan vidio yang banyak ditontonVideo yang masuk ke FYP juga memungkinkan pembuat vidio viral dan terkenal di Tiktok

1. Buat video berkualitas

Video dengan kualitas yang baik tentu akan lebih mudah menjadi FYP. Sebab, lebih banyak pengguna yang akan menyukainya.Pastikan video tidak buram, kamera tidak goyang-goyang, dan edit sebaik mungkin agar lebih estetik. Hal … Read More

First Chicken Nugget Sent Into Space – Twitter Calls It Best News Of 2020

A chicken nugget has journeyed from space back to Earth.


  • A British supermarket company has sent a chicken nugget into space
  • This is the first time the feat has been achieved
  • Take a look at the video taking Twitter by storm

Chicken nuggets are one of the hot favourite snack items for chicken lovers. Juicy, succulent chicken pieces encased in a crispy and crumbly coating – what’s there not to like about this evergreen dish? A bizarre news about chicken nuggets recently surfaced on social media. Iceland Foods, a British supermarket chain, has sent a chicken nugget into space

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Researchers call for change in approach to Listeria in low risk foods

Researchers have provided alternatives to the zero-tolerance approach used in the United States to manage Listeria in low-risk foods.

The U.S. has this method for all ready-to-eat (RTE) foods, regardless of risk profile, so all positive tests prompt a recall.

“A blanket zero-tolerance policy for all RTE foods provides a very strong disincentive for zone 1 (product contact surface) testing, as well as a significant disincentive for finished product testing. More specifically, the challenge with a zero-tolerance approach for all foods is that all positive test results will lead to a recall, therefore potentially limiting the willingness to frequently sample,”

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Slideshow: Bite-size innovation blowing up in 2020 | 2020-10-21

“Bites are not especially new as a format for sweet or savory snacks; cereal bar bites, for example, have been seen in various markets for more than five years,” said Marcia Mogelonsky, director of insight for Mintel Food and Drink. “The concept behind bites is to offer a small, measured portion of a popular snack — in a way, following the ‘100 calorie pack’ trend of some 10 years ago.”

Propelling the popularity of these smaller snacks in recent months is increased consumer interest in health and wellness, Ms. Mogelonsky said.

 “One factor driving the current bites trend, which has

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