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BCFoods taps soaring seasoning demand with new plant in China

The supplier of dehydrated vegetables, herbs and spices has seen its demand for noodle seasoning increase more than five times in 2020 in China alone.

According to Mike Liu, chairman of BCFoods, convenience and shelf-stable foods were popular last year as people ordered take-outs and cooked more at home.

Liu told FoodNavigator-Asia​ many brands in China saw sales peaked during the pandemic period. One example is La Mian Shuo, a premium instant noodle company.

It saw monthly revenues reach around RMB30m (US$4.6m) last year, compared to just RMB1m (US$155,000) in 2019.

Tapping on this upward trend, BCFoods is set

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Clean Label Food Trend Argues well for Dried Spices Market, while

Dried Spices Market

The latest study done by Fact.MR on the dried spices market opines that dried spices have a positive perception among consumers, as these are thought to be beneficial to health and well-being. In Asia Pacific, dried spices have been used for centuries in household cooking owing to their benefits in flavoring as well as their medicinal properties. Their popularity has witnessed an increase in Europe and North America, with many households and restaurants adopting dried spices in cooking. Increasing awareness about the benefits of dried spices is likely to contribute to the growth of the market during

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What’s In Taco Seasoning? – Food Fanatic

Ever wondered exactly what’s in taco seasoning? Find out here and you can easily put together your own homemade seasoning to use on Taco Tuesdays!

You’ve planned tacos for dinner, you’re just getting started on putting them together… then you realize you’re out of taco seasoning.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this position then you’ve probably wondered just what’s in taco seasoning anyway? Can’t you just make your own?

Taco Seasoning Photo

The good news is, yes you can! 

Homemade taco seasoning is easy to put together. And one of the advantages of making it yourself is that

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Olam Food Ingredients heats up Spices portfolio with US$108.5 million acquisition of a leading US chile pepper business

Acquisition is on-trend to support rising consumer demand for Mexican flavors


Olam Food Ingredients (“OFI”), the new operating group created after the reorganization within Olam International Limited (“OIL”) earlier this year, is expanding its Spices portfolio (“Olam Spices”) to meet the rising demand for bold, authentic flavors with the acquisition of one of the world’s leading suppliers of premium green chiles, jalapeños and enchilada sauces.

OIL, through its subsidiary, Olam Americas, Inc. has agreed to acquire the US-based chile pepper business (“CPB”) of major maker of condiments and sauces, Mizkan America,

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The Top 10 Most Viral Food Moments of 2020

There’s no question that 2020 will go down in history as the year the world went into a complete lockdown, and when many found solace scrolling through funny videos on Instagram, streaming all of the Netflix shows, and creating things right at home. Many of us used this year to test out a bunch of new recipes, but especially the quirky ones.

So many things that occurred in 2020 feels like a lifetime ago, and at the same time, a lot of other things feel like they just happened yesterday. But if there’s anything to be learned in 2020,

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