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What Is Old Bay Seasoning? Your Guide to Cooking with the Popular Spice Blend

From crab cakes to a clam bake, there’s one key ingredient that always brings summer flavor to a party, and that’s Old Bay seasoning. This spice blend originated in Baltimore, Maryland, more than 75 years ago and is made with a combination of celery salt, red and black pepper, and paprika. What you may not know is that that it’s as delicious on seafood, poultry, and meat as it is on shellfish. Below, we explain exactly what Old Bay seasoning is, how to use it, and how you can make it yourself.

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Spices From 2 Companies Are Being Recalled Over Salmonella Fears

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Two companies have issued recalls on their dried spices over fears that the products could contain salmonella, the FDA posted this month.

The first is Sauer Brands, Inc. which voluntarily recalled specific lot codes of more than two dozen spices by The Spice Hunter, including organic parsley, organic cinnamon, Madagascar cloves, gourmet sesame seeds, and more. This occurred because even after raw materials had tested negative for salmonella, the company’s supplier notified them of the presence of salmonella in some lots of organic parsley given to them.

Items involved in the recall were

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Spices, herbs recalled for possible salmonella contamination

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Check your pantry before you use any spices the next time you cook.

The U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced recalls from two companies — Red Monkey Foods, Inc. and Sauer Brands Inc. — of herbs and spices that may be contaminated with salmonella.

Red Monkey Foods, Inc. is voluntarily recalling select organic parsley as part of a recall initiated by High Quality Organics after a sample was tested by a customer and was found to be potentially contaminated with salmonella. A portion of the lot recalled by High Quality Organics was supplied to Red

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There’s a Recall on Spices and Dried Herbs in 31 States Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

If you need a nudge to clean out your spice cabinet, here’s a pretty good one: There’s a recall on spices and herbs from the Spice Hunter due to the potential presence of salmonella. The recall includes a variety of herbs, spices, and seasoning blends sold on the brand’s site and in retail stores across 31 states.

Sauer Brands, Inc. announced the voluntary recall on October 12 when the company’s supplier notified it of possible salmonella contamination in certain lots of organic parsley—this, after the supplier had previously certified that the raw materials it provided to Sauer tested

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New food trends for 2020 announced

Ever wondered what you’ll be eating in 2020? If you think about food as much as we do, the answer is probably yes.

Lucky for us, Whole Foods has announced its food trends for next year and there are some good ones. From butters to fridge snacks, there’s a lot to like about Whole Foods’ predictions.

The list has been compiled by a team of food trend analysts, including experts, buyers and foragers who know a thing or two about what we shovel into our mouths.

Here’s the low-down on what will be popular (and not so popular; see ya,

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