Chefs dish out the best and worst food to have delivered

If you’ve ever had food delivered or did curbside pickup, you know it’s not the same as eating it at the restaurant. But because of the pandemic, that’s not always possible.

To help make your meals a little more enjoyable from home, here are some of best and worst foods to get delivered.

Taco lovers, you’re in luck.

This Mexican favorite served in a soft tortilla may arrive home better than a crispy or fried tortilla shell.

That’s because any liquid in the taco might make the shell soggy.

Casserole-style dishes are easy to move and heat back up.

Things like mac and cheese, enchiladas and lasagna are great because they don’t change much in texture.

Something that will be just as good as it left the restaurant is soup or stew.

Not only is it easy to travel with, but it doesn’t break down during the ride home.

Meanwhile, noodles or pasta in a heavy sauce may not in your favor.

Plates like chicken alfredo could quickly become mushy.

Noodles that have been prepared in large amounts of sauce have a tendency to lose their texture over time.

If you’re a fan of seafood, avoid calamari.

All you’ll be left with is a mouthful of rubbery squid pieces.

Finally steer clear of anything fried.

French fries, fried pickles, even fish, are some of the *worst* things you can have delivered… It all will get soggy by the time you get home.

Re-crisping fried food in the oven can only go so far; and once refrigerated, it will crisp up even less.

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