Food trends we gorged on in 2020

With lockdown in place and nowhere to go, many turned quarantine chefs this pandemic

With lockdown in place and nowhere to go, many turned quarantine chefs this pandemic&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Dalgona Coffee at the forefront of viral food trends of 2020

  • Biryani continued to rule our hearts

  • Comfort foods got a new avatar

In 2020, even though we were confined, our palates weren’t. In fact, they craved good food all the more dragging us to the hob or to order online. Many turned teach yourself chefs, finding refuge in how to cook videos available online. Innovation was the order of the day with people indulging in variants of culinary styles, dishing up interesting and out of the box recipes.

While Dalgona Coffee wore the crown being the most viral trend on the internet, Banana Bread & Cloud Bread followed suit.

There were a few comfort foods which got a new avatar. Our favourite two-minute snack was experimented with. The result, omelette Maggi. Wrapped in the comfort of an omelette, Maggi charted a new way into people’s tummy. Next in line is the controversy stirring chai latte. The recipe which includes a lot of spices was criticised by chai lovers. And, two of our most loved breakfast items came together to give a perfect mixture of Pancake cereal.

So what did India binge on in 2020? According to the Swiggy StatEATistics Report, the mighty Biryani ruled the roost with maximum online orders. For some, Masala Dosa was the chosen dish ranking second in the order ladder. The delicacy ordered the third was lip-smacking Paneer butter masala. Evidently, Indians sought comfort in Indian delicacies when at home.

Many turned health conscious and were partial to a healthy and nutritious diet which would not add on the kilos. Swiggy StatEATistics Report revealed that High Fibre Idli, High Protein Khichdi and Low-Fat Salads were most sought after.

Those who donned the chef’s hat googled the maximum for pani puri, jalebi and paneer butter masala recipes. With our favourite food joints not accessible, people turned impromptu chefs and resorted to ordering food at home.