International chef’s day 2020: 5 cookware items for home chefs that provide health benefits | Most Searched Products

This year’s international chef’s day 2020 campaign theme is ‘Healthy food for the future!’ Healthy eating does not just include food, but also the items and tools we use to prepare it. Even though modern living has us made prefer convenient cookware items like steel, glass and non-stick cookware, old-school cookware are known to hold therapeutic benefits. From cooking, serving to eating meals, naturally sourced and crafted cookware items can significantly improve your lifestyle. Check out our list of cookware items that have health benefits:

These deep cooking pots would be great for making beverages, rice and more. The pots feature a stainless steel body and a copper bottom. Copper is known to induce water and edible ingredients with multiple benefits. With this cookware, your food intake will become healthier and rich. This set of 3 pots would be very easy to store as they can be stacked together.

Clay cookware is still used by chefs for the smoky flavour it induces in food. Clay cooking pot also helps in retaining moisture of the food and thereby reduces the need for excess oil. A clay pot set would be wonderful as a gift to a newbie chef.

Silver metal is considered to be a auspicious in several traditions. It is also believed to channel positive energy and is frequently used in puja rituals. Silverware is anti-bacterial and very hygienic and would be great for serving sweets and other desserts. Silverware is also great for gifting. The capacity of this bowl is 100 ml.

Made up of high-quality Brass material, this kadhai is extremely durable and it showcases an excellent finish that will stand out. This brass kadhai can be used for both cooking and serving. It is said that food cooked in brass pots retains as much as 90 per cent of its nutritional content. This brass kadhai also features a sturdy glass lid.

Cast iron cookware is lauded by chefs for it durability and strength, as well as its versatility. Cookware items in cast iron can be used on gas stoves, oven and even over a grill. This tawa has a base thickness of 4.2 mm which will ensure even cooking and excellent heat retention.
This tawa can used to prepare paranthas, eggs, rice bakes, pasta bakes and many more dishes.

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