Major Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Purchased Electric Smoker

You are reading this post so you are most definitely interested in electric smokers. It can also mean you want to know more about electric smokers or you want to max-out the performance of your machine.

You can buy an electric smoker and learn all about them through this post. So, I thought it is better to give you people idea about them by having some good tips and tricks.

This isn’t a particular order but here are some tips to get the most of electric smoker….

1. Cleaning of Electric Smoker

You do want a seasoned electric smoker but you want to refrain from a dirty one. The build-up residue will not do any good thing for you. This filth will not be good for your brisket. It will ruin the flavor and leave some flecks on it. So, clean your electric smoker by having proper instructions. It is better to clean it after every 3 – 5 uses depending on the length of time. It will be best to clean after every use.

2. Seasoning of Electric Smoker

Electric smokers are usually just plug and play but seasoning is always recommended. You don’t have any idea about chemical residues left behind. You don’t know about the compounds left there. It is better to run the smoker empty to burn the nasty materials. It will make it safe for use. Not only that, it also coats and seals the inside of your electric smoker. It will add to the overall smokiness of your food.

3. Overdoing of Electric Smoker

Many people think there is no end to smoke, but it is a matter of entire personal choice. To me, I choose disagree. You need to go easy for smoke when you start cooking. It is more often required to have a tray of pellet and chips to have noticeable smoke. You should start with less and then gradually move onto more. In this way, you’ll find out your personal sweet spot. It is better to know that some woods will have more smoke then others.

4. Control Temperature Swings of Electric Smoker

Temperature swings happen with all smoker types but mostly with electric smokers. For example, you set 225°F temperature, when it reached there, but due to residual heat and timings lag, the temperature reaches 240°F but it will turn back to the originally set temperature. The average temperature will be according to the originally set temperature but it will be not consistent. The trick is to set the temperature 10 degrees less than required. To find out more, you need to have an electric smoker review check.

5. Opening Vents of Electric Smoker

Vents are used to control temperature by adjusting airflow. They are used to let the smoke out of electric smoker. If you leave the vent fully open, it will keep the smoke from getting stale. It will also decrease the grease and filthy substances accumulation. If you want to hold the heat so close the vents. This will be healthy when the outside temperature is less.

6. Wrapping of Electric Smoker Racks

Cleaning wracks is an important thing to do for obvious reasons. I know people don’t want to clean because of time taken, but there is something to minimize the cleaning work. You can cover the racks with heavy-duty aluminum foil and change it for every other session. In this way your racks will be new and the cleaning hassle will be eliminated.

7. Drying of Wood Chips

A lot of people prefers to soak the wood-chips in water to have more smoke and slow-down burning. If you ask me, I would think not to do it. It is because wet wood chips are cold so your smoker will have to do some extra work for smoking food. Also the smoke from wet wood chips is actually just steam not smoke. If you don’t believe, just have a hot shower. Always go for dry ones as they will have a more positive effect on your food.

8. Cold Smoking for Electric Smokers

Electric smoker can work really great for cold smoking. It is because of the sealed cabinet environment and specially made cold smoke generators. Cold Smoke can happen at a low temperature of 90°F. You just leave the heat element off and smoke generators will send a small amount of heat into cooking chamber. You can also have a 3rd party smoke generator if your smoker doesn’t have one.

9. Electric Smoker Outdoor Performance

An electric smoker can usually not match in heat with a conventional electric smoker. If your electric smoker matches a conventional one in terms of heat then use it for your advantage. It will also benefit your kitchen as you can protect it from over-heating. You can also use it to cook multiple items at different temperatures. You can use it as an oven as well for keeping the cooked food at serving temperature. Don’t add wood chips if you want to work it like an oven.