Chef Bill Smith’s Grassroots Efforts To Help His Kitchen Family Are Inspiring

Long a social justice activist, this now-retired chef is best known and loved for some of the South’s finest shrimp and grits, his affinity for PBR and a vast collection of band T-shirts.

But he’s also revered for working hard to help keep his former Crook’s Corner kitchen crew from going hungry and homeless during this challenging health care and economic crisis. It’s the kind of humble, grassroots effort that reaffirms faith in humanity.

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Pandemic has exposed Britain’s vulnerabilities says food policy review | UK news

It is a year since Michael Gove asked the businessman Henry Dimbleby to produce a national food strategy. In that time the coronavirus pandemic has brutally exposed the cracks in the British food system so the launch of part one of his review this Wednesday comes in a new and urgent context.

After only a few weeks of lockdown three million people in Britain were in households where someone was forced to skip meals and go hungry.

As supermarket shelves were emptied our sophisticated supermarket system of just-in-time deliveries suddenly looked very vulnerable to shocks.

All this landed amid

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PS Seasoning launches line of sauces and marinades | 2020-06-01

IRON RIDGE, WIS. – PS Seasoning has launched a new line of barbecue sauces and multi-use sauces. The line features 12 flavors that are made to complement the company’s existing product portfolio of gourmet seasoning blends and rubs.  

Inspired by both American and global flavors, the 12 products include six barbecue sauces and six multi-use sauces that function as marinades, glazes and more.  

“Sauces that have multiple uses are growing in popularity,” said Stephanie Neu, R&D manager at PS Seasoning. “More than ever consumers are looking for accessible ‘anytime’ sauces, so we created a line that could work just as

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The best chef’s knives for 2020: Mac, Wusthof and more

After college, I invested in a chef’s knife and I’ve used it almost every day since then. At this point, it feels like an extension of my own arm when I’m preparing food. And that’s how a good chef’s knife should feel: irreplaceable, even as kitchens and appliances change. 

But a chef’s knife is an investment. And $150 can feel like a lot for a good knife — let alone for one you might end up disliking. So before swiping “buy” on Amazon or tossing the cheapest knife in the cart on your next outing, it’s important to think about

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Food Network Gives Viewers New Shows Despite Coronavirus Shutdown

In June, two perennial Food Network shows, Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and Robert Irvine’s “Restaurant: Impossible,” went back into production. It was the first time either show shot on location since the coronavirus pandemic brought all television and film production to a dramatic halt in mid-March. They were filmed under strict, new COVID-19 protocols with reduced, mask-wearing crews — all of whom, according to Food Network, tested negative for coronavirus after filming was completed.

Courtney White, the president of Food Network and Cooking Channel, says the network agreed to restart production after creating specific plans

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