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More than 50 million Americans facing hunger in 2020, projections show

Out of work and out of food, massive Thanksgiving giveaways from Denver, Miami and Dallas have become the new lines of the times.

“It helps everyone. Believe me because of unemployment this helps,” said Manny Castaneda. “I never expected something like this to happen to me. It hit me pretty hard, and now I am extremely grateful.”

Beyond the holiday, Feeding America projects more than 50 million Americans will have faced hunger in 2020 – up from around 35 million before the coronavirus pandemic. That translates to 1 in 6 people, including 1 in 4 children, experiencing food insecurity

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Grubhub’s ‘Year in Food’ data shows Americans had unexpected pizza cravings in 2020

Pizza is still king in the U.S. even though the top topping is still a debate.

The Italian dish was labeled as one of America’s favorites by Grubhub’s “Taste of 2020” report, and shares this distinction alongside burgers, ramen and dumplings. This is the second year in a row where pizza has been named a top-ordered dish, according to the food delivery service’s internal data.

This year, pizza continued to dominate late-night orders for U.S. consumers. However, two variants of the carb staple grew more than two times the amount Grubhub recorded in 2019.


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Trump fights in court to block pandemic food aid for lowest-income Americans

The legal dispute centers on how USDA has interpreted language in the nearly $200 billion Families First Coronavirus Response Act, one of the big aid packages Congress passed in March.

The law requires USDA to grant state requests to distribute emergency allotments of SNAP as long as both the federal government and the state are under an emergency declaration due to Covid-19. But there’s disagreement about how to implement the requirement.

The law says the emergency payment can’t be higher than existing maximum benefit levels for SNAP, thresholds that are set by the size and income level of a household.

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Almost 30 million Americans didn’t have enough food to eat, according to weekly Census Bureau survey

“It would help out on the groceries,” said Webb, who lives in Benson, North Carolina. “Every once in a while there would be some instant mashed potatoes.”

Then the coroanvirus hit, and safety precautions forced the food pantry to shutter its doors.

Webb, 71, and her husband are still eating, though “it might not be fancy meals like people would want,” she said. “But we’re not going to go hungry.”

But she’s still stretching meals out as much as she can. A big batch of spaghetti, for example, will last them anywhere from 2 to 4 meals, Webb says.


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‘People are going to go hungry’: pandemic effects could leave 54m Americans without food | World news

A record number of Americans face hunger this year as the catastrophic economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic looks set to leave tens of millions of people unable to buy enough food to feed their families.

Nationwide, the demand for aid at food banks and pantries has soared since the virus forced the economy to be shutdown, resulting in more than 40m new unemployment benefit claims, according to the latest figures.

As a result, an estimated one in four children, the equivalent of 18 million minors, could need food aid this year – a 63% increase compared to

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