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UPDATED: Award-Winning Chef Closing Rhode Island Restaurant

Sunday, December 27, 2020


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Eli’s Kitchen owner Eli Dunn made the announcement on Saturday. Photo: IG Video

One of Rhode Island’s top chefs, Eli Dunn, owner of Eli’s Kitchen in Warren, announced Saturday that he is closing the restaurant. 

Dunn, who won the Food Network show “Chopped” in 2018, said that one of his top chefs is going to be taking over the restaurant space on Market Street under a new name in the new year. 

WATCH: “Chopped” Winner Dunn Recaps His Victory on GoLocal LIVE


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Award-winning chef Dominique Crenn is determined to beat coronavirus

Before COVID-19 spread through California, “60 Minutes” correspondent Bill Whitaker visited French chef Dominique Crenn and her 6-year-old twins at her picturesque organic farm in Sonoma County, north of San Francisco. 

“The calmness of this place is like, okay, let’s bring that back to the craziness of the kitchen and being calm,” she said.

“And I can taste that?” asked Whitaker.

“Yes, I mean, I hope so!”

The farm was sprouting to life in the California sun. The early spring seemed to renew the land — and Crenn, who, at the time, was busy overseeing her growing enterprise:

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