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Estimated 25 million to see boost in federal food benefits

About 25 million Americans will be eligible for more money in food assistance under new guidelines from the Biden administration

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Are there benefits to eating turmeric and other spices?

There could be something about turmeric that’s beneficial, but it’s not curcumin, she says. Plus, if turmeric is cooked as part of a meal, she says, it’s added alongside other foods, and heated up, so its chemical components change.

“There might be something else in turmeric worth looking at, but not curcumin, and it might not be one thing. It might need to be chemically modified or added to something to be beneficial.”

She says consuming lots of turmeric isn’t harmful, but she wouldn’t advise using it as self-medication.

Correlation vs causation

Chilli and turmeric have been widely studied, but

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International chef’s day 2020: 5 cookware items for home chefs that provide health benefits | Most Searched Products

This year’s international chef’s day 2020 campaign theme is ‘Healthy food for the future!’ Healthy eating does not just include food, but also the items and tools we use to prepare it. Even though modern living has us made prefer convenient cookware items like steel, glass and non-stick cookware, old-school cookware are known to hold therapeutic benefits. From cooking, serving to eating meals, naturally sourced and crafted cookware items can significantly improve your lifestyle. Check out our list of cookware items that have health benefits:

These deep cooking pots would be great for making beverages, rice and more. The pots

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