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Regular vs. enameled cast iron: How they compare for cooking and cleaning

The good news for those tight on money or kitchen space is that most things that can be done in an enameled pot or pan can be done in traditional, well-seasoned cast iron, with a few adjustments. A lot of the major differences come down to caring for the pieces, though there are some things to keep in mind while cooking, too. Here’s a rundown.

Price. If you’re thinking about beefing up your cookware collection and money is a consideration, traditional cast iron is almost without exception cheaper than enameled pieces, sometimes several times less expensive, depending on size and

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What’s the best oil for seasoning cast iron?

There’s a lot to love about cast iron pans, but one of the material’s greatest virtues is that it can be seasoned, and re-seasoned almost indefinitely, potentially extending its life and restoring its non-stick qualities for decades, or even generations.

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We’ve discussed how you should go about seasoning your skillet, but one question always sparks vigorous debate in culinary circles: what oil should you use to do it?

Lodge cast iron skillet for $22.97

What is seasoning?

Before you choose a seasoning oil, it can be useful to know what exactly seasoning

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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 19 cast: Meet the 18 chefs for Las Vegas

For the first time ever, “Hell’s Kitchen” travels to Las Vegas, Nevada when Season 19 premieres on Thursday, January 7, 2021. Fox has revealed the 18 all-new cast members for this Sin City cycle, who will be divided into two groups: Red Team and Blue Team. Once again all the power belongs to host Gordon Ramsay, who will eliminate one aspiring chef every week until only one remains as the winner. Meet the “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 19 cast members for this Las Vegas edition by scrolling through our photos above.

This 19th season as well

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Start Date, All-Star Cast, Contestants, Judges

Top Chef is back in the kitchen in 2020 with some familiar faces behind the dishes! The Emmy-winning cooking competition has returned for its 17th season. Titled Top Chef: All-Stars L.A., the season will see chefs from seasons past return back into the fray for another chance at the title of Top Chef.

Read on to find out everything we know so far about season 17, including when Top Chef starts, who is in the cast, where the season was filmed and much more.

When did Top Chef season 17 start?

Top Chef 17 premiered on March 19, 2020

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