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The best chef’s knives for 2020: Global, Mac, Wusthof and more

I’ve used a number of chef’s knives over the years and come to appreciate each of them for their unique feel — the heavy-duty Wusthof (my first chef’s knife) is great for cutting squash, whereas I love the Mac for mincing veggies and herbs. But a chef’s knife is an investment. And $150 can feel like a lot for a good knife — let alone for one you might end up disliking. So before hitting “buy” on Amazon or tossing the cheapest knife in the cart on your next outing, it’s important to ask yourself two questions: What does a

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cool kitchen gadgets for home chefs

While the overlords want us all to eat out to help out, many of us will be far more comfortable cooking in our homes at the moment. ShortList is here to make sure you can still make the most of eating in with the best kitchen gadgets.

If Jamie Oliver’s mantra to ‘keep cooking and carry on’ with whatever you find in the cupboard fails to inspire you, then perhaps one of these clever kitchen gadgets just might. We’ve compiled a round up of the best kitchen gadgets to hone in your cooking and baking skills this week and reinvent

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The Best Kitchen Knives of 2020 (According To Top Chefs)

Cutting ingredients with a lacklustre knife is not only difficult, it’s also dangerous. As any professional chef will tell you, a blunt, slippery blade is more likely to send you to A&E than a sharp one. What’s more, watching a grown man tackle a tomato with a dull knife is a truly pitiful sight. For the sake of your physical and mental wellbeing, as well as your reputation, it’s time to invest in a quality set.

That’s why we asked top chefs, restaurateurs and food stylists for their buying recommendations, from easy-to-wield Japanese knives to razor-sharp paring blades, forged by

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Behind the Cancellation of James Beard Awards, Worries About Chefs’ Behavior and No Black Winners

In July, Jessica Koslow, a Los Angeles chef, sent a letter to the foundation withdrawing as a candidate for Best Chef California. Her reputation had been bruised by allegations that she had taken credit for others’ recipes, misled city health inspectors and allowed furry lids of mold to grow on pots of jam.

“Right now, my presence on the slate will only serve as a distraction,” she wrote.

On social media and in news articles, other nominees were accused of abusing, underpaying or mistreating workers. Additional accusations were made privately to the foundation staff.

Several restaurant committee members, speaking on

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Best chef’s knives of 2020

Best heavy knife

Wusthof Classic

Wusthof’s 8-inch classic chef’s knife is a workhorse in the kitchen. It’s one of the weightiest knives we tested, which helps it slice more delicate foods such as tomatoes as effortlessly as warm butter and cut through more robust foods like butternut squash without exertion. The weight helps guide the blade in consistent movements as you use it, but the Wusthof isn’t so heavy that you ever feel controlled by the blade. The Wusthof, which you can find for about $120 was our initial pick for best overall knife, until we had a chance to

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