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Regular vs. enameled cast iron: How they compare for cooking and cleaning

The good news for those tight on money or kitchen space is that most things that can be done in an enameled pot or pan can be done in traditional, well-seasoned cast iron, with a few adjustments. A lot of the major differences come down to caring for the pieces, though there are some things to keep in mind while cooking, too. Here’s a rundown.

Price. If you’re thinking about beefing up your cookware collection and money is a consideration, traditional cast iron is almost without exception cheaper than enameled pieces, sometimes several times less expensive, depending on size and

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Cleaning up processed meat formulations | 2020-10-14

CHICAGO — Clean ingredients are the new baseline for today’s shoppers, according to the “2020 US Grocery Shopper Trends,” a report produced by FMI – The Food Industry Association, Washington, DC, in collaboration with The Hartman Group, Bellevue, Wash. Shoppers are reevaluating their purchasing criteria and product assortment needs. They have a sharper focus on health, a heightened awareness of the environmental consequences of consumption and a desire for a deeper connection to food, according to the study. Ingredient legends matter.

Today’s shoppers bring a broader, more sophisticated range of criteria with them when shopping for groceries, including meat and

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The Care and Cleaning of Cookware

Based on my reader mail, my cookware columns are stirring up controversy in the kitchen. Here I thought last year’s mattress series crossed the threshold, but how folks feel about their slumber surfaces pales next to the practically umbilical attachment they have to their pans.

Home chefs have come out swinging skillets, defending them to their copper cores. I now know that if some of you had to choose between your eight-inch Teflon omelet pan and your mate, well, you don’t have to, thank goodness. And while I do not want to come between you and that 20-piece set of

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