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2020 in review: The dining dilemma | 2020-12-31

KANSAS CITY — No one could have predicted the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) would have on everyone’s lives when the virus started to spread around the country the first few months of 2020. When the first round of stay-at-home orders were issued and restaurants were forced to close, consumer eating habits changed.

Eating out at restaurants was temporarily put on hold and was quickly replaced with more at-home prepared meals. Even with drive-through, carryout and curbside pickup options available from many foodservice establishments, food consumption in the United States flipped. A 2018, Zagat survey showed Americans ate out 5.9 times

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Rise of the ghost kitchens: How virtual restaurants are reshaping L.A.’s dining economy

It’s 11 p.m. on a weeknight and you’re hungry. Already in your pajamas, you unlock your smartphone and open a delivery app to scroll through a virtual buffet of options. One listing catches your eye: Fisher & Son’s Fish and Chips. Maybe you’ve never heard of the place, but the food, clearly displayed in enticing photos, looks solid. You add a two-piece fried cod with fries ($14.95) to your cart and hit order. A message pops up: DELIVERY ETA 25-40 MIN.

Meanwhile, at 801 N. Fairfax Ave., No. 105, a sign-less storefront beneath a block of modern-looking apartments, your fish

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Tragedy strikes dining community again with loss of chef Michael Paske

Last year, he helped his old partners at Cafe 7, Jimmy Mays, Chris Kana, and Stephanie Miller, open The Hamilton Supperette and Lounge in Northpark Mall. Most recently, he’d joined the brigade at chef Olivier Bouzzerand’s Fait Maison in Edmond.

Chef Michael Paske passed away at the age of 40 on Thursday. [Dave Cathey/The Oklahoman]
Chef Michael Paske passed away at the age of 40 on Thursday. [Dave Cathey/The Oklahoman]

Paske was a beloved member of the local diningscape, always first to volunteer. One of the great joys I’ve had from my perch just high enough to observe the inner workings of the industry has been watching Paske evolve from a nervous kid slinging spaghetti

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For Kitchen-Less Hong Kongers, New Ban on Restaurant Dining Is a Bitter Pill | World News

By Yoyo Chow and Farah Master

HONG KONG (Reuters) – A new Hong Kong ban on dining at restaurants and food stalls aimed at reining in a spike in coronavirus cases threatens to complicate life for the many people in the city who depend on eating out for daily meals.

Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers live in subdivided tiny apartments, shared by multiple families and which often do not have kitchen facilities or even if they do, are too cramped to be used often.

“Many people don’t cook or cannot cook. Lots of old people cannot cook. Most of

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