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Country diary: ‘Eat me,’ says the rose. ‘No, eat me,’ says the hawthorn | Food

There is a battle of the reds going on at either end of the cattle gate. To the left, a rose bush, leaning on an elder. Its ordinarily slim hips are an eye-popping scarlet and unusually plump. To the right, a hawthorn, its darker berries swollen from the standard petits pois size to that of garden peas.

This year, nature weathered a wet winter, a spring of perpetual sunshine and sustaining showers through summer to produce a supersized harvest. Other than elder, I do not think any fruiting tree or bush has had a better year here. Our shrunken

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Why you should clean the kitchen counter after preparing food

Why you should clean the kitchen counter after preparing food
Credit: Nofima

Food and humans can carry and spread dangerous microbes, and cleaning can protect you from getting sick. But it also takes time, uses chemicals and water and some people are concerned that excessive cleaning can remove the natural bacterial flora we would rather have around us to stay healthy.

Therefore, scientists have led investigations focusing on when people from several European countries clean their kitchen counter surfaces, and if surfaces that appear to be visibly clean actually could protect you against infection from pathogenic bacteria.

“We have noticed that most consumers clean their kitchen counters and chopping boards

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Trump fights in court to block pandemic food aid for lowest-income Americans

The legal dispute centers on how USDA has interpreted language in the nearly $200 billion Families First Coronavirus Response Act, one of the big aid packages Congress passed in March.

The law requires USDA to grant state requests to distribute emergency allotments of SNAP as long as both the federal government and the state are under an emergency declaration due to Covid-19. But there’s disagreement about how to implement the requirement.

The law says the emergency payment can’t be higher than existing maximum benefit levels for SNAP, thresholds that are set by the size and income level of a household.

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U.N. World Food Program wins 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

Oct. 9 (UPI) — The United Nations’ World Food Program is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2020, The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced Friday in Oslo.

Committee members said the U.N. program was recognized for its efforts to fight hunger and bring peace to parts of the world affected by violence, and for “acting as a driving force in efforts to prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict.”

Friday marked the 25th time since the founding of the prize in 1901 that an organization, instead of an individual, has been given the Peace

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A Taste for Travel? Finnair to Sell Plane Food in Shops | Business News

JARI TANNER, Associated Press

HELSINKI (AP) — Finnish carrier Finnair will start selling business class airplane food in supermarkets in a move to keep its catering staff employed and to offer a taste of the airline experience to those missing flying in the COVID-19 times.

The state-controlled airline said that in a pilot scheme the handmade meals, called “Taste of Finnair”, would initially be offered at one store as of Thursday.

The ready-made dishes include options like reindeer meatballs, Arctic char and Japanese-style teriyaki beef and are suited for Nordic and Asian palates and would cost about 10 euros ($12),

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