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Duluth chef makes debut on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

Matthew Francis’ signature dish is the cioppino he made when he first came out to his family, the chef explained on the first episode of “Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns,” which aired on FOX-TV Sunday, and one that has continued to be meaningful in his life.

Francis, a 2013 graduate of Denfeld High School, described the seafood dish as having a “special place in my heart.”

In the time crunch of the 45-minute challenge, he forgot to clean the shrimp — a gaffe that earned him just two out of a possible five points for his team and a quip from

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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 19 cast: Meet the 18 chefs for Las Vegas

For the first time ever, “Hell’s Kitchen” travels to Las Vegas, Nevada when Season 19 premieres on Thursday, January 7, 2021. Fox has revealed the 18 all-new cast members for this Sin City cycle, who will be divided into two groups: Red Team and Blue Team. Once again all the power belongs to host Gordon Ramsay, who will eliminate one aspiring chef every week until only one remains as the winner. Meet the “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 19 cast members for this Las Vegas edition by scrolling through our photos above.

This 19th season as well

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‘Hell’s Kitchen: All Stars’ chef Barbie Marshall drinking game

Barbra “Barbie” Marshall, a memorable “Hell’s Kitchen” chef-testant who appeared in both Seasons 10 and 17, is turning to alcohol to help her cope with the “All Stars” reruns on Fox. “Me wondering if I should play a drinking game and watch,” she tweeted along with a meme of her rubbing her temples. She later added, “Next week I’m drinking and going live.” Will you be joining Barbie in playing “Hell’s Kitchen” drinking games every Tuesday? How about taking a shot every time Gordon Ramsay shouts a curse word?

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