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If You Have This Seasoning at Home, Throw It Out Now, FDA Says

Before you go to add some flavor to that dish you’re cooking for dinner tonight, you might want to check the seasoning you’re using to make sure it’s safe first. A popular herb is being recalled due to potential contamination with Cyclospora, a parasite that can cause serious health issues. Read on to discover if you need to purge your fridge now, and while you’re clearing out your kitchen, If You Have This Meat at Home, Throw It Away Now, USDA Says.

On Feb. 8, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that Shenandoah Growers, Inc. had voluntarily

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Top 8 Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2020 | Home Matters

If you’re looking into updating, remodeling or just touching up your kitchen or bathroom, use this guide to see what trends to expect in 2020.

As time passes, trends evolve to suit the tastes of each new generation. And today’s homeowners want high-tech solutions to age-old problems in the kitchen and bath. If you’re renovating your home this year, these trends in kitchen and bathroom design might turn your head.

Wireless Appliances

Who has enough outlets in their kitchen?. The average kitchen houses a slew of small appliances, such as mixers, coffee makers, rice cookers, deep fryers, blenders, slow cookers,

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Riverside’s Newly Legal Home Restaurants Could Revolutionize California’s Food Scene

The colorful plates at Lucy Silva’s Corona, California, restaurant Barra de Pan won’t stop coming. They are a force unto themselves, arriving in quick succession until they threaten to overtake the outdoor table. There’s a steaming plate of birria tacos, their tortillas red and softened from a dip in the cooking consomme, plus tacos al vapor, enchiladas, and cafe de olla. Silva, her kind eyes smiling from behind a mask, never slows down.

Like every restaurant in California at the moment, Barra de Pan’s dining is limited to a single large patio area. The kitchen is out in the open

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On the Market Real Estate: Custom-built home is ‘paradise’

Tammie Shanahan
 |  Correspondent

Sitting on 2½ acres of “fairytale” wooded property in the heart of Ormond Beach, this picturesque Key West-style pool home is just two miles from the beach.

And, with no HOA and lots of room to pursue your favorite hobbies, this nearly new beauty has everything homebuyers need to create their own personal paradise.

“The owner has included every luxury feature you could imagine,’’ said Realtor Susan Wardezak. “There is no other home quite like it. You just could never build a new home for this price at this location.”

This exquisite residence features three bedrooms,

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International chef’s day 2020: 5 cookware items for home chefs that provide health benefits | Most Searched Products

This year’s international chef’s day 2020 campaign theme is ‘Healthy food for the future!’ Healthy eating does not just include food, but also the items and tools we use to prepare it. Even though modern living has us made prefer convenient cookware items like steel, glass and non-stick cookware, old-school cookware are known to hold therapeutic benefits. From cooking, serving to eating meals, naturally sourced and crafted cookware items can significantly improve your lifestyle. Check out our list of cookware items that have health benefits:

These deep cooking pots would be great for making beverages, rice and more. The pots

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