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This Stick Is The Easiest Way To Season All Of Your Cast-Iron Appliances

Whether you’re a professional chef or consider yourself to be one of the best at-home cooks on your side of the Mason-Dixon, one thing we can all agree on is how much of a perfect addition a cast-iron skillet is to your kitchen. From making the best chocolate chip cookies to whipping up delicious cajun shrimp with bell peppers and corn, you can literally make almost anything in cast iron skillets and they can last for a really long time. In order to get them to last for a really long time though, you’ll need to make sure it’s

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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 19 cast: Meet the 18 chefs for Las Vegas

For the first time ever, “Hell’s Kitchen” travels to Las Vegas, Nevada when Season 19 premieres on Thursday, January 7, 2021. Fox has revealed the 18 all-new cast members for this Sin City cycle, who will be divided into two groups: Red Team and Blue Team. Once again all the power belongs to host Gordon Ramsay, who will eliminate one aspiring chef every week until only one remains as the winner. Meet the “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 19 cast members for this Las Vegas edition by scrolling through our photos above.

This 19th season as well

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Slideshow: New products to celebrate the 2020 holiday season | 2020-12-23

KANSAS CITY — The holidays are on the horizon, and a slew of seasonal innovation is here this year to help consumers celebrate the season.

The breakout flavor star of the season is hot cocoa, which lent its chocolatey flavor profile to a range of holiday sweets.

Lily’s Sweets debuted Mocha Hot Cocoa Extra Dark Chocolate bars, featuring 70{2be9e0ed3ca9ccbec52b0231822c6f1fda346690d3a01794d48870672da60124} cocoa. Sweetened with stevia and erythritol, the treats are made with unsweetened chocolate, chicory root fiber, cocoa butter, coffee and vanilla extract.

“It may be cold outside, but this Mocha Hot Cocoa Extra Dark Chocolate gives us all the warm and

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Pumpkin Spice And More Tastes For The Season

OLDSMAR, Fla. — A Little Hocus Pocus in the latest Chef’s Kitchen.

Pastry Chef Monika Rodriguez and Sous Pastry Cook Josh Bradley make desserts for: Shaker & Peel and Craft Street Kitchen, both located in Oldsmar and ZimZari, in the Trinity area.

The fall recipe they prepare in the Chef’s Kitchen is full of pumpkin spice and tastes of the season.


Maple Bourbon Cheesecake with a whole Pumpkin Pie baked inside! White Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Spiced Blondie Crust, And Cream Cheese Whipped Cream

Pumpkin Spice

Cinnamon                                                                                                           1/8 C

Nutmeg                                                                                                               2t

Ginger                                                                                                                  2t

Allspice                                                                                                                 1 ½ t


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Top Chef Season 17 Stephanie Cmar

Not everyone has access to a sprawling, East Hampton kitchen filled with high-end appliances like Ina Garten.

Boston chef Stephanie Cmar, who can be seen on this season of Bravo’s “Top Chef: All-Stars,” is showing the world what she’s working with at home, and it’s not pretty. Through her new online cooking show, which she so lovingly named “My (Expletive) Little Kitchen,” she’s been teaching people how preparing delicious food is still possible even with shoddy amenities.

“My husband and I moved to this apartment like 5 years ago,” Cmar said. “We were both in restaurants full-time, so we were

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