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Preventing food fraud: Europe’s battle against the spice pirates

Spices are among the oldest food products in the world and still enjoy great popularity today. But how can we be sure of their quality and authenticity? With serious money to be made, counterfeiters are often attempting to fradulently pass off inferior products as the genuine article.

To find out more about how fraud in this arena can be identified and stopped, we went to Belgium to meet a spice trader – and also to see scientists working at the Joint Research Centre“s Fraud Detection Unit.

Spice expert

Herbs and spices are the daily business of Alexandre Veuve;

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What Is Old Bay Seasoning? Your Guide to Cooking with the Popular Spice Blend

From crab cakes to a clam bake, there’s one key ingredient that always brings summer flavor to a party, and that’s Old Bay seasoning. This spice blend originated in Baltimore, Maryland, more than 75 years ago and is made with a combination of celery salt, red and black pepper, and paprika. What you may not know is that that it’s as delicious on seafood, poultry, and meat as it is on shellfish. Below, we explain exactly what Old Bay seasoning is, how to use it, and how you can make it yourself.

a close up of a sign: Roland Bello

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Pumpkin Spice And More Tastes For The Season

OLDSMAR, Fla. — A Little Hocus Pocus in the latest Chef’s Kitchen.

Pastry Chef Monika Rodriguez and Sous Pastry Cook Josh Bradley make desserts for: Shaker & Peel and Craft Street Kitchen, both located in Oldsmar and ZimZari, in the Trinity area.

The fall recipe they prepare in the Chef’s Kitchen is full of pumpkin spice and tastes of the season.


Maple Bourbon Cheesecake with a whole Pumpkin Pie baked inside! White Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Spiced Blondie Crust, And Cream Cheese Whipped Cream

Pumpkin Spice

Cinnamon                                                                                                           1/8 C

Nutmeg                                                                                                               2t

Ginger                                                                                                                  2t

Allspice                                                                                                                 1 ½ t


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Garlic powder finally gets its turn in the spice limelight

Before the shutdown, most food media content was geared toward foodies and cooking enthusiasts, a community with a strong desire to learn about all the esoteric ingredients and equipment that people in my profession traffic in daily. But after the quarantine left everyone sheltered in place, people who never cared about cooking suddenly had to.

Our coverage at The Times pivoted quickly — to the most basic of cooking techniques and dishes to cater to a brand-new, mostly novice, audience. This shift taught me a few lessons: how much skill many Americans actually have in the kitchen, the limit

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Spice It Up: What’s Hot in Seasoning Ingredients

Hot pot

Hot Pots, like this one featuring seasonings from Fuchs North America’s East Asian Creations Collection, have been growing in popularity among consumers. Photo courtesy of Fuchs North America

Global travel may be a shadow of its former self during the COVID-19 pandemic, but consumers are continuing to expand their culinary horizons by seeking out unexplored regional and national cuisines. The quest for spiciness and authenticity is leading to more regionally specific seasonings that add layers of flavor to traditional dishes from other parts of the world. And the desire to navigate new taste territories is inspiring innovative

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