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These medicinal herbs and spices can help reduce cancer risk

Herbs and spices double as remedies and holistic treatments, and for good reason. Since ancient times, these plants have taken center stage not just as culinary ingredients, but also as natural medicines.

From stamping out inflammation to fighting cellular damage, the nutrients and beneficial plant compounds found in herbs and spices have established them as potent disease-fighting foods. In fact, a lot of them have been reported to decrease cancer risk.

Potent herbs and spices for cancer

Recent findings on herbs and spices are a testament to their potential as cancer-fighting agents. The best part about using these holistic medicines

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These 10 herbs and spices are natural immune-boosting foods

Your immune system is a complex network of cells, organs and antibodies that protects you from infections. When this delicate system is weakened by a lack of proper nutrition or exposure to toxins, viruses and bacteria, you become vulnerable to a host of diseases and health complications.

Fortunately, one way you can strengthen your body’s natural defenses is by eating clean, nutritious foods. Boost your immune system by supplementing your diet with these herbs and spices.


Echinacea is a popular herb mainly used to reduce cold and flu symptoms, like sore throat, cough and fever, due to its anti-inflammatory

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Flavor and Spice Trends for 2020 | Spices and Recipes

As we embark on a new year, we want to take a few moments to look at the trends and the trend-setters and try to make a few educated guesses about what we can expect in 2020.

‘We listen to our customers in our stores and on the web,’ says Charlie Mayer, CEO of The Spice House. ‘We hear stories about what you’re cooking or what you’re interested in cooking. We also pay attention to chefs. What they’re cooking today will be on our table next year.’

‘And we keep in touch with our suppliers. When we hear about an

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TRENDING Spices and Blends for 2020


  • Mexican Mole
  • Adobo Dry Rub



  • Peruvian Jalapeno Lime Seasoning




A dish native to Mexico, mole has a complex and rich flavour profile comprised of many different ingredients. This chocolaty, spicy blend is blended with 21 different spices and is perfect for making any mole dish. Stunning rich flavour! 

Rub over meat or poultry prior to roasting or grilling. One of the best-known Asado dishes is pollo Asado, which means “roasted chicken.”


This is a fiery Yemenite spice blend made

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