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What’s In Taco Seasoning? – Food Fanatic

Ever wondered exactly what’s in taco seasoning? Find out here and you can easily put together your own homemade seasoning to use on Taco Tuesdays!

You’ve planned tacos for dinner, you’re just getting started on putting them together… then you realize you’re out of taco seasoning.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this position then you’ve probably wondered just what’s in taco seasoning anyway? Can’t you just make your own?

Taco Seasoning Photo

The good news is, yes you can! 

Homemade taco seasoning is easy to put together. And one of the advantages of making it yourself is that

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Grocery prices are soaring. Here’s what’s getting more expensive

That probably feels … off to you. And for a good reason: Every time you go to the grocery store, that number at the end of the receipt keeps getting bigger.

Both things are true. Prices are falling across just about every category: Apparel, hotels, cars, car insurance, and airfare fell through the floor as people stayed home. Everyone knows gas prices are way cheaper.
But American grocery store price tags are soaring. Overall, the price of groceries grew 2.6%, including seasonal adjustments, in April. That was the biggest increase from one month to the next since 1974, according
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What’s Hot Culinary Forecast 2020

Plant-based everything, eco-friendly packaging, revamped classic cocktails, healthy bowls, zero waste and much more…


The What’s Hot survey was conducted by the National Restaurant Association in November-December 2019. More than 600 American Culinary Federation chefs answered an online survey in which they were given a list of 133 items in 12 categories identified in partnership with Technomic Inc. Asked to rate how hot they thought each would be on a scale from sizzling hot to steaming, simmering and just room temperature, the results are here!


You’ll recognize some top trends; others will surprise you, and all

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Spice It Up: What’s Hot in Seasoning Ingredients

Hot pot

Hot Pots, like this one featuring seasonings from Fuchs North America’s East Asian Creations Collection, have been growing in popularity among consumers. Photo courtesy of Fuchs North America

Global travel may be a shadow of its former self during the COVID-19 pandemic, but consumers are continuing to expand their culinary horizons by seeking out unexplored regional and national cuisines. The quest for spiciness and authenticity is leading to more regionally specific seasonings that add layers of flavor to traditional dishes from other parts of the world. And the desire to navigate new taste territories is inspiring innovative

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What’s hot for kitchens in 2020, and how much will you pay?

You heard it here first – white is making a kitchen comeback. And before you ask if it ever went away, the answer is a definite yes.

But before those of us with white kitchens from the early 2000s say “I told you so”, we need to note the 2020 version is not exactly the same.

The National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) has polled its members about kitchen design trends we can expect to see this year, and matt white and timber cabinetry stand out as clear winners.

Morgan Cronin's kitchen typifies the marble look that is influencing kitchen design.

Morgan Cronin’s kitchen typifies the marble look that is influencing kitchen

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